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Recommendations for FOR FREEDOM:

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"This book should be required reading in every Bible School!"

—Dr. Charles Ndifon,
Founder & Director, Christ-Love Ministries

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"This book is MONUMENTAL"

—Xue He, leader,
Kingdom Embassy Intl.

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"David O’Brien blazes a path for others to follow...I wholeheartedly recommend FOR FREEDOM to every serious Christian!"

—R. Wayne Hayworth, over 50 years in ministry. Author of, "The Holy Spirit Today"

What You'll Learn in this Book

"It was for freedom that Christ set us free. Stand firm therefore..." (Galatians 5:1, The Bible)

  • The CRUX--the most important part--ofour freedom​
  • God's Solution for UPS & DOWNS
  • ​​How God Dealt with the Roots (past tense--crucial!)
  • ​​ God's Grace Given IN CHRIST
  • ​A NEW LAW for the New Spirit
  • ​Freedom UNDER GRACE (the only place it operates)
  • ​​Mercy Over Judgment
  • Escape Written Law & Truly Deal with the Flesh
  • Freedom OVER the Enemy, IN the World
  • Faith that Overcomes (a rare understanding)
  • ​​ How to Deal with The MEDIA TRICK
  • ​ The GREATEST WEAPON for the Fight of Faith
  • How to UTILIZE Temptation, to Get the Most Out of It
  • Endurance & The Father's Personalized Training
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Meet the Author: David O'Brien

I am "The Bondage Breaker." I wrote "For Freedom" to share the Truths I acquired over many years, to those hungry to walk in more freedom. I also host For Freedom Radio and The Purity Forum Broadcast, for youth and adults alike.

My wife and I started East West Services to eradicate human slavery in many, many lives. We invite you to join us in our endeavor.

East West Services (501c3) Exists to Eradicate Human Trafficking

We do so primarily with a preventative strategy,  through media,
public speaking, publications, apparel & entertainment.

Our Mission: eradicate sex trafficking via educating, enlightening, endorsing, encouraging & empowering of potential victims and their closest allies!!!

Our Vision: a world with healthy relational BOUNDARIES, with MEN OF VALOR, and WOMEN HEROS, with PARENTS OF POWER, and CHILDREN OF WISDOM; a world where ABUSE IS SHUNED and those who seek to profit from it in any way are completely disabled, where mercy and patience fill our hearts AND
justice is administered swiftly and thoroughly.

Our 8-fold Strategy to ERADICATE Sex Slavery

  • EDUCATE: Darkness can only reign where there is no light
  • ENDORSE: Our youth must see and feel that they are valuable and loved. Those who do not, are more vulnerable to traffickers and other abusers
  • EQUIP: Parents and youth with the tools to handle difficult situations in life, how to handling bullies, peer pressure, and deceivers. Equip them with basic martial arts skills and ability to stand for and help others
  • ENTERTAIN: through stories, children's books, rap and other music, plays, movies, cartoons—with messages that raise the self esteem of all and model discretion and wise choices
  • ENCOURAGE: the weak, to make difficult choices in their long-term best interest, to take new trails that lead upward on their path of life
  • EXEMPLIFY & INSPIRE: by spearheading valiant rescue missions and publicly taking a stand for those least represented and most vulnerable
  • EMPOWER: Bring out the potential superhero latent in every loving person, especially Generations Z and A!! 
  • ENTREAT: the help of others via effective partnerships with businesses, community/religious organizations, and government 

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Jan 2023: I met with Campaign and Blue Lightning Initiative (BLI) Senior Advisor, Michael Camal, from The US Department of Homeland Security, to learn more about human trafficking prevention and help for survivors.

I found that 1) A major need is for PREVENTATIVE efforts, by positive messaging that the government is simply not in a position to give. 2) The government cannot do this alone. We need a grass roots movement.

This message was filmed during one of our outreaches to Amsterdam's "Red Light District"

'Worth watching to the end:

Our Purity Forum Broadcast builds self-value,
wisdom and discretion
via education.

Just knowledge alone will eradicate most of the
schemes of sex traffickers and other abusers.

The Supernatural Sex Ed Series

This is a series of books with powerful lessons that bring truth and freedom to its readers. The first in the series, which is already published, is called, "New Creation Sexuality." It will be transformative in orphanages, schools (government and private), non-profit organizations, and for families and individuals. For your copy CLICK HERE.

The Supernatural Sex Ed Series

A speaking tour in which we travel to gatherings and share strategies with parents and their youth, to deal with the sex trafficking epidemic. We give tools and inspiration, also training on how to support vulnerable or trafficked friends and family.  We create an extraordinary atmosphere, to imbed the message on youth, that they are priceless and deeply loved.
We rap and use a variety of other artistic expressions to communicate these things.

The Purity Alliance

A global force of powerful, influential, loving, voices who stand for others' freedom, who speak and exemplify Truth that dispels darkness relating to family, sexuality, honor, boundaries, raise up MEN of VALOR and EMPOWERING WOMEN who will raise others—for freedom!

Step 1: Contribute to Our Fight against Human-Trafficking:

Make a donation of any amount, to our anti-human trafficking 501c3, East West Services, using the "Donate Now" button or the QR Code here.

Make a note with your gift, "For Freedom."

We will add your contact info to our list to keep you updated as we launch our various initiatives.

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The book, For Freedom:

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