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You Can Walk Free from ANYTHING...

...and Discover the Life You Were Designed For!

Freedom is for All People in Every Area!!!

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Sexual Freedom & Healing


"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!"

It is COMPLETELY available to you NOW.

There IS Great Hope!

As The Bondage Breaker & Freedom Dr.,
I am CONFIDENT of real results.

I look for hard cases because I know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for those who can see it!!! And you will go beyond to set others free!!!!

Suicide attempts - depression or fears - anger issues - undesired attractions - binge problems - sex offenders - prostitutes - traffickers - anxiety - ANYTHING ELSE...! It doesn't matter at what age your were scarred, for how long, nor what you have done: the compassion, truth and love-power I operate in can clean and heal THEM ALL!

I firmly believe that NOTHING is unbeatable except to not get help when it's available. There is nothing wrong with getting help and knowledge!

YOU are LOVED. No one was designed to be used or discarded. You have a purpose for being here, a reason for living, a calling to discover that is preserved for you. I can help you go beyond distractions to get there.

I am very serious about what I do. No case is too small or too big!

No one starts out thinking they will be mistreated or make big mistakes. But good news: THERE
IS GREAT HOPE. Because you can 
get past ANYTHING negative
you are facing.

We live in an imperfect world. But I walk in steady, confident freedom. How?? My wife is happy. My kids are happy. And I am fulfilling my destiny in Life!
One part of that is to bring the knowledge of freedom TO YOU.

As The Bondage Breaker what I do:

  • Alleviates PainThere is a release of steam from pent up pressure as I begin to unravel the problem ailing you. Results are seen immediately and solidify over time
  • Renews Hope: people quit for lack of hope. The truth increases hope
  • Walks You through to the Calm Waters of Victory: I offer more than knowledge. I offer power. You need accurate knowledge, with power. I also offer "help in time of need." As The Freedom Dr I can also be there with you to see and celebrate your victories over and over. Life was never meant to be walked through alone
  • Ts my job to help you see and discover that, and help you walk stably in itrains Beyond Freedom:The goal is not just freedom, it is REIGNING! You have a kingdom to fill into, to exercise dominion in. You have a mandate: to free others and fulfill all you're set apart to do in life. You're freed from something into something! It i
  • Brings Unending Joy and Security to Those Around You: There are people on the sidelines of your life, rooting for you and waiting to see you succeed. They can't do it for you, but your victory will benefit them also!!!!!

The PAIN of sexual problems is too heavy a weight to bear: 

  • Physical: like any drug, the pleasure of sexuality outside of marriage is deceptive—it doesn't last and leads to frustration and side-effects
  • Mental: unnatural, invasive images can stay and nag a person, lasting much longer than expected or wanted; and there are other mental side-effects!!!
  • Regret and remorse: a feeling of guilt and low self-esteem often follows, which can be debilitating or a hinderance to your life
  • Fear and intense frustration: trying so hard to correct the problem, doing one's best and still falling back into the same pattern—THIS IS painful!! (but fixable!!!)
  • Incongruence: between the great success that you know yourself to be, and others know you to be, and an experience of weakness in another area
  • EmbarrassmentIt is embarrassing to be caught or have to confess things!
  • Relational Pain: The pain caused to a spouse is immeasurable. The pain over relational breakups because of this, is immeasurable and can affect generations!


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My name is David O'Brien, 'a husband of 14 years and a father of two amazing daughters. I am the author of, "For Freedom" and the host of "For Freedom Radio." I am a leader in a charitable organization in RI, USA, serving alongside my amazing mentor, Dr. Charles Ndifon. I also run an anti-human trafficking organization.

In addition to this and much more, I've stood my own tests, and I understand FREEDOM. It is my passion and privilege to impart what I have to those searching for it, to see them get free and walk free, setting others free!

When you understand a thing, you can gain mastery over it!!

There is Help for YOU!

Sexuality in place is beautiful...

Sexuality is good. It is a gift, to be enjoyed in the privacy and protection of the marriage covenant. Within that protection, it is lovely. Taken out of the context of love-commitment (marriage) and honor (privacy), it's volatile, like a live wire near water.

There is beauty in sexuality still untapped by married couples. Life lived well together over time, brings it out. Like a beautiful red rose, it is romantic. It is a gift. And it must be protected with thorns, from the wrong hands.

Husband: if the whole right side of your brain has been affected by the toxins of pornography, e.g., you can recover. You need supernatural recovery, power to free and heal your mind/brain. As it's released, you'll stream tears and embrace your wife, who has kept herself pure, in the bedroom again. And YOU will be pure sexually also!

For the young man who is introverted, who seems shy but is unnaturally so because some kind of bondage has a hold on him in private: he will open up and the amazing, unique treasure in him will be seen.

If your daughter is suicidal and wants to drink poison—there is a reason behind that. She has taken on a bondage, which can be identified and removed. Usually some abuse has taken place or social lies/pressures. The Life I operate in will warm her, calm her, and allow her to sit and listen, in a place of gentle peace.

If you, single woman, are tired of being played like a yoyo on a string, bounced around and abused, you can find a new path of ease, gracefulness, and no stress on your way to someone TRULY hot, who will pick you up off your feet, cherish you, marry you, and treasure you with love and honor.

These are examples. Whatever your case, it is not too difficult nor hopeless.

Do Not Miss This
Moment for Freedom

I am here as a lighthouse, shining for you, so I encourage you to respond...

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My Mentorship program includes two elements:

  • Dynamite-Blast Freedom SessionA one-time POWER SESSION that changes the way you see and charts a path for your future. I also introduce you to powerful tools to help you on the way.
  • Ongoing For Freedom Mentoring: I offer ongoing or additional MENTORING SESSIONS also, for longer-term council and celebration of victories

If you hunger and thirst after freedom, that freedom is completely within your reach right now.

What makes my approach very different...

The Way to Completely Ensure Freedom:

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