Available Spaces Limited

If You're Seeking Freedom in Any
Area, it is Within Your Reach!!!

For Freedom Summit Training

A Supernatural Book Club!!!

Due to demand and the close and interactive nature of this training, we may only be able to
accommodate a small percentage of those who apply at this time. 

A 14 Week Training


  • Unwanted desires/habits, self-introspection, compulsive pressure
  • ​Anything that hinders your consistency in Life and service
  • Any remaining scars of any past damaging behavior
  • ​Any abuse,negative influence or tendency
  • ​Any and all depression or anxiety


  • Confidence of stable victory & your new, True Identity
  • ​Solid understanding of the​ grace of God & what it​ gave you
  • ​A miraculous walk in continual, newness of resurrection Life!!!!
  • Ability to bear fruit consistently & fulfill your unique destiny on earth
  • ​Ability to handle ANY pressure or opposition, so that you benefit from it!!!

You are worth it! Those you are meant to serve are worth it!! Join me in this training!!!

This Training Makes The Truth that Sets Free, Practical in Your Life

For Freedom

"This book should be required reading
in every Bible School!"
—Dr. Charles Ndifon, Founder & Director
of Christ-Love Ministries Intl.

"For Freedom is MONUMENTAL!!!"
—Sonia O'Brien, co-leader,
Kingdom Embassy Intl.

"I wholeheartedly recommend
FOR FREEDOM to every serious Christian!"
—R. Wayne Hayworth, 50+ years in ministry,
Co-author of, “The Holy Spirit Today”

For Truth Seekers Only:

Finally!! Clear Truth of Our FULL FREEDOM!!!

From The Desk of: David O'Brien

Date: 3 April 2023

Subject: FOR FREEDOM SUMMIT TRAINING...Limited Space Available

Dear Man or Woman who Loves Truth,

You may have learned what King Jesus taught long ago: "If you continue in my Word...you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." If you have discovered this, then you have found the key to an unlimited experience of FREEDOM in every area!


The Truth, in whatever area you find it, multiplies your experience of freedom in that area, the same way
planting seeds brings a multiplied harvest. 

Light disinfects. It dispels darkness, which is the only place spiritual opposition can hide. And "light is sown like seed for the righteous" (Psalm 97:11).

The WAY that the good Father gives you his freedom is by planting the seeds of Truth in your spirit. From there, they must find your heart prepared and watered, as good ground, in order to grow.

So what is our job? We must find the light that is in the seeds/His Words. That light is our food.

HOW do we find it?

We must SEEK IT. We must LOOK FOR IT persistently, with a completely focused heart.

We must consider what God wants to be most important, putting his will first. Those who choose to do so, and who seek Light, will find it abundantly because it comes from his mouth, and he loves to give it (Job 28, Proverbs 2:1-7).

The Truth/Light of the Word can only enter into a SUBMISSIVE HEART—one that is ready to yield, that will allow the light in. "...receive with meekness the engrafted Word, which is able to save your souls..." (James 1:21). God wants to do a reconstruction in our minds. Will you let Him? Your heart is so valuable, and it is yours to open or close, including to Him.

So WHERE do we find the Light we need? Where does he store it up for us?

"For the LORD gives wisdom; FROM HIS MOUTH come knowledge and understanding..."—Proverbs 2:6

The Truth & Light that brings freedom is found in His Words. The Words from his mouth are received
directly from his Spirit, and are found in Scripture
(2Tim 3:16) and in God's People (Eph 4:11-15).

This is where I come in.

I am The Bondage Breaker. I am the Freedom Doctor.

I have designed the 14 week, For Freedom Summit Training as a royal service for God's precious People, seeking to gain mastery in any area of their life. This is more than a teaching. It's the ending of an old way of living, and the beginning of a glorious new walk, that can handle any mountainous terrain with Truth that links you to your absolute freedom.

My desire for you is that, like me, you:

1) receive the Message of resurrection Life that is in Christ, which transforms us into His freedom
2) learn to hold on to it and utilize it in "the evil day" (also called, "the time of temptation")
3) bear fruit and grow continually by teaching these and other Truths to others, continually

The Truths for freedom, and the lifestyle to keep them, is what I offer you through this training!!!

I have stood the tests and retained the Word, so that it's pure in me and abundantly available to share. I now offer it as fuel for God's People, including you.

You will come to understand these things and more:

1. Why Victory is Completely Assured
2. The CRUX of our Freedom
3. How God Dealt with the ROOTS
4. God's Grace Given IN CHRIST
5. A NEW LAW for the NEW MAN
6. Freedom UNDER GRACE
7. God's Solution for UPS & DOWN
8. Mercy Over Judgment
9. Escape Law to Deal with the Flesh
10. Our Freedom OVER the enemy, IN the World
11. Faith that Overcomes (rare teaching)
12. How to deal with The MEDIA TRICK
13. The ESSENTIAL WEAPON for the Fight of Faith
14. How to UTILIZE Every Temptation
15. The Holy Spirit—Our Ever Present Helper
16. Endurance Always Yields More Glory
17. The Father's Personalized Training


'Course includes teaching, lifestyle training, active-participation fellowship in a fully conducive environment, celebration of victories, and powerful ministry. The group is kept small to ensure success for all, so that no one falls through the cracks.

Structured, with clear expectations and guidelines, and divinely substantive Truth — For Freedom!!!

It was for freedom that Christ set us free, stand firm therefore... — Galatians 5:1 NASB, The Holy Bible



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