When freedom is manifested, you've begun to reign...


90 Days of Finding Freedom,
Establishing Peace,
& Walking in Your Destiny!



*GOLIATH represents anything that intimidates and distracts and tries to stop you from your destiny.

“Surely you need guidance to wage war,
and victory is won through great counsel.”

​In this 90 days you will

  • Discover Freedom
  • Establish Peace
  • Walk in Your Destiny

The Funnest Way to Live is FREE!!!

Find Freedom, Establish Peace & Walk in Destiny

Become a Hero and an Image of Constant Victory

Find Freedom

Discover the Freedom You Already Have!!!

  • ​From negative life experiences at their root
  • From regrets or shame from the past
  • From avoiding past pain, going way around it out of self-preservation
  • From​ a distorted self-image from past ab-use
  • Receive the application of healing on wounded areas, supernaturally

Establish Peace

Gain Stability for Consistent Victory

  • Cut quickly through self-sabotaging thought patterns
  • Learn to turn temptations into empowering opportunities each time​
  • Establish a supernatural boundary of power and glory
  • Walk in confidence, joy & expectation of good
  • Attain peaceful, steady, uninterrupted growth

Walk in Your Destiny

See & Walk in Your Glorious Destiny

  • Begin to Display Dominion
  • Begin to See Your Glorious Destiny​
  • Taste the Fulfillment of Avenging Ab-use
  • Become an image of consistent victory and a hero to those who need one!

A Champion is a Consistent Victor

Freedom FROM What???

Your freedom may be from trauma, or various forms of ab-use—verbal, physical, mental/emotional, sexual, or neglect—or other things:

  • Rejection or shame: if they knew me, they wouldn't really love me
  • ​Low self-image: when you see yourself in the right light, that light will project out to others also
  • ​Negative, dark thoughts: these are not your fault, and often not you
  • Unwanted Sexual Attraction: including but not limited to same-sex attraction. These are easily treatable
  • Hooks that result in cyclical patterns: these result from a root lie. Remove the lie, and the problem falls easily

Many who are already free of these things will still want to join in order to grow in walking in their destiny of bringing freedom to others.

Freedom TO What??

Freedom is a blessing, but it's not the goal. It's the starting point.
The freedom you have, when abundant, is overflowing into others' lives. You were made for more.

  • A life of peace & joy
  • A stable, confident walk in which you're always expecting good
  • ​Exploring what YOU want to do in life, regardless of other people
  • ​Shining in your place of brilliance!
  • ​Becoming a Hero and a  long-term image of freedom for others
  • Joy in your marriage relationship (or enjoying finding a spouse)
  • ​Reigning in Life, healing all who are sick or downtrodden

What You Get When You Join.

Free to Reign is a high-value, supernatural, coaching experience:

  • Mentoring: supernatural life-coaching
  • Curriculum: Truth that, when planted in the heart and watered, can grow into expressions of freedom
  • Community: a place to share your victories and questions

Free to Reign - Benefit #1

1 on 1 Mentoring

Meeting weekly, one on one, ensures you receive all of the support you need for the three aspects of the experience: freedom & healing, gaining stability for steady growth, and walking in your destiny
​(Note: a small group option is also currently being offered, with no more than 12 mentees in each)

Free to Reign - Benefit #2

Effective Curriculum

The curriculum I give you includes solid, unshakeable Truths that anyone can stabilize themselves with, and tailor-made material specific to you. Included in the cost of the program is also a copy of my book, For Freedom, and waived tuition into The Kingdom Courses, taught weekly (an amazing value)

Free to Reign - Benefit #3

Thriving Community

We grow better together. Those who go it alone have to fight off the wolf alone, who wants the value you carry. Joining this mentorship program gives you admission into "Lights in the World," a community of growing, trusted people also discovering their freedom and increasingly manifesting it

Free to Reign - Benefit #4

Access & Oversight

You will have access 24/7 to my emergency line and ongoing, spiritual coverage

Free to Reign - Benefit #5

Most of All: RESULTS

We know that YOU were built for freedom and born to reign, that nothing is too difficult to be freed from, and there is the greatest potential IN YOU. So we guarantee results! If at any point in the 90 days you would like to exit the program, for any reason, we will issue you a full, prorated refund.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It:

Hear From Royalty We've Served and
Continue to Serve With

Christina Clemons

David’s program is successful because he has supernatural accuracy that will take you from anywhere in life to championship levels. He is the most delightful life coach you will ever meet. His sincere joy is contagious and supportive that will lift your spirit with every encounter.

Kevin Vasquez

David O’Brien has been a huge blessing in my life! Having the opportunity to learn from him has impacted me in ways that money can’t buy! He’s always there when you need him. He’s patient, and more importantly he actually cares about the person he’s actually teaching! He cares about your success and the destiny that God has prepared for you.

Natasha Rowles

I have been mentored from David previously and found him to be spirit led,, always giving truth and a great leader/mentor and support at crucial times when I needed it. He is very knowledgeable in the word and I would highly recommend him.

Kristin Shipman

This is a prestigous opportunity to go to the next level in your life’s journey. As the turbulences of life arise one after another, you can be sure with David O’Brien you’ll become aware of the wounded warrior within. You will grow in strength and perspective to flourish and begin impacting others from a new light. The thorns of your past are not holding you back, they are propelling you forward, and I highly recommend this program for anyone who aspires to discover the possibilities of their full potential within.

Monica Vance

David serves as a “Mordecai” of this generation as he has encouraged me to take my place as an “Esther.” He is a voice for all people, especially those who feel that they are in bondage. He has provided me and others with excellent training on kingdom outreach and healing. It is an honor to learn from this man of God!

Wayne Hayworth

I have known David O’Brien nearly twenty years and have complete trust in him and his sweet wife Sonia. He is extremely knowledgeable and is a very effective communicator and most importantly is full of God’s love for other people. I heartily recommend him to all who are hungry for supernatural mentoring.

Ning Li Pyeron

David O'Brien is a man of the Word and the Spirit. In the decades of following God’s calling on his life, he has built solid foundation of the word, and he is led by the spirit always. He has rich outreach experience in many countries across all the continents, cultures and languages. The dedication and purity of his spirit is evident. His style is unique. He is extremely productive. He has written many books, co-founded the Empower Media Network, he pastors at the Christlove Ministry and Kingdom Embassy International, is a proud husband and the father of 2-beautiful Holy Spirit filled little girls. He is a tremendous teacher and mentor. I personally have benefited by learning from and observing him, and this led me to be aware of and follow the ways of the Spirit. David is a choice teach and light-post.

Tyler & Jessi Paquette

It gives us great joy to share how David O’Brien and his ministry have blessed us. David is a walking treasure with a heart to see others recognize and unlock the treasure in them, so that they can walk in freedom in every area of their lives. We have been extremely blessed by the freedom David walks in that is a daily lifestyle for him and his family. His teaching and training shows that with the right tools and principles applied, each of us can walk in the same freedom. If you feel stuck in any area of life or have a deep desire for “more” out of life, we encourage you to take the step of connecting and being mentored by David! It will put you on a path to freedom, healing, and being empowered to enjoy life every day!

As "The Bondage Breaker":

I remove the root of trauma or ab-use and bring healing, so that old,
unwanted behaviors fall off naturally as people walk forward in Life.

I help people become established in the Truth that sets free, for stable freedom.

And I lift people supernaturally to be able to see their destiny so they can begin to walk in it.

After the 90 days...

...what Can I expect? 

​There are 4 main paths people will choose:

  • Go on with your life, taking the freedom and learning and changes with you for the rest of your life and shining for others
  • Continue in the Community, choosing ongoing mentorship and/or courses with the community
  • Serve with us: start a "Lighthouse" or join our network of Supernatural Life Coaches. You'll use the amazing life-lessons you learn to free others, with ongoing support from us

How Do I Join This Amazing, Coaching Program?

Click "Apply To Join" and proceed to the next page for more information and to apply. Also receive a free gift there, just for considering the Free To Reign Mentorship.

This is an uber-investment in YOU!! By investing in yourself, not only you but everyone in your future life benefits.

Spots are Limited. 
Apply today!

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