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"By wise guidance wage your war, and in a multitude of counsel there is victory." —Prov 24:6, Bible

My wife and I have an amazing marriage because, #1 we put God first and, #2 we continually seek his knowledge and guidance. These things make marriage unbreakable. And it can be the closest,
best friendship and partnership on earth, as our Father intended. —David O'Brien

In a healthy community, these things become known by children and young adults far before marriage. They can picture themselves thriving in a fulfilling, healthy, covenant relationship (marriage) as they grow up.

The Christian Sex-Ed Curriculums exists to make this a reality in our communities today!


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For Freedom Mentorship

This is our Mentorship program. For more information, visit

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Jesus Heals the BrokenHearted

A Powerful, Free Resource. Click Here.

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I Got Free From Media Traps

A Powerful, Free Resource. Click Here.

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Derek Prince Material 

This absolute classic, "The Marriage Covenant" will give pre-married and married people God's solid foundation for marriage. I also recommend his other marriage material (click here) such as, "God is a Matchmaker," a wonderful book. He also has podcast episodes on the subject.

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Joyce Meyer Material

"Life with Strife" and the many other resources Joyce Meyer offers are building blocks to a powerful, fully blessed marriage. She has many others such as "Beauty for Ashes," offering emotional healing, and "The Battlefield of the Mind"—all very edifying to invest in.

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Understanding Your Mate's Personality"

A CD set as mp3 is not available. But if you have a CD player or can convert it, this short course by Joyce Meyer is so, so valuable, for all relationships (click here).

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Purity by Kris Vallotton

"Purity" is an excellent, foundational book, by Kris Vallotton.

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Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn

Shelley Lubben bravely told her story in this eye-opening, enlightening and freedom-bringing book (click here).

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Love & Respect 

By Dr Emerson Eggerichs, "Love & Respect" covers the very different needs of husbands and wives in a marriage, as documented in Ephesians Chapter 5. All people should learn these things, well before marriage.

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The Five Love Languages

This enlightening book and series is also very helpful. Again, these things should be learned by all, early on, and they apply to all relationships, not only to marriage.

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Intended For Pleasure

The REAL THING ALWAYS BEATS ALL COUNTERFEITS. This is a book enhances God's amazing gift to married couples (click here). - All Rights Reserved © 2023
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